About Us

We make All Natural Handmade soap right here at our nursery, Country Whatnot Gardens, located in Rochester, Indiana, USA.

We use antique Japanese molds for our soaps to add elegance and originality to each design.

Free of palm oil and artificial ingredients. Our soaps are offered in both lard and vegetable based bars.

Functional and decorative handmade soaps are sure to delight you, your family, and guests! They also make great gifts.

Our handmade soap is made with care here at the nursery.

We make our soap using much the same process with which my great grandmother made her soap.

Granny made time tested, tried and true homemade soap. Homemade soap is the soap our ancestors made and used. It’s free of artificial detergents, fragrances, and coloring.

Why no fancy colors? Because the “natural” mica pigments that are used to color other soaps can be labeled “natural” only because it’s a clay, while not disclosing goodness knowns what is used to color that clay! It’s common sense that clay does not exist in a natural state in vivid blues and greens.

The mica in “natural” mica pigments is only a carrier. A load of chemicals and heavy metals are used to color that mica. We choose not to color our soaps for this reason.

Our soaps are unscented and free of fragrance oils. Unscented soap does still smell very slightly. What does unscented soap smell like? In a word, soap.

Although many of our soaps contain ginger, bamboo, pine resins, and other ingredients commonly associated with fragrance – these ingredients don’t lend their fragrances to our soaps.

Our soaps containing these ingredients are still unscented and smell very slightly only of soap.

Free of artificial preservatives and we recommend our soaps be used by the use by date on the label of each bar.

Wholesale inquiries are welcomed, please use our contact page to submit your business license and tax exemption form to us by email.

Due to FDA guidelines we cannot make any health claims about our soap. None of the information presented here can diagnose or treat any condition.